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To market, to market!!

It is not only the season for crabapples, or Spring, or even christmas, it is definitely the season for market madness!! I had hoped to get out of this one, but my daughter's friends pulled out at the last minute, so good old mum ,dad and brother ,and Cara's boyfriend came to the rescue. It was for a good cause! Three carloads later, we arrived at 7am!!!
No, Im not going to Ghana, Africa, our eldest daughter Cara is, and all too soon for my liking! January 2nd she flies out for 2 months!! Im so excited for her, she will be teaching english, and also working in an orphanage. This is a dream she has had for so long, and it is really happening! So when Im stressing about Christmas coming around so fast, it is because a week later, I wave goodbye to Cara.

All that aside, I do love a market stall, but it was so hot, and I had no money to spend, so I had to ignore all the great stuff surrounding me! I didnt see the gorgeous ceiling rose for $5.00, and the timber paling cupboard with pressed metal doors for $60.00, oh and the art deco trolley for $, I didnt see those!

Anyway, It was very worthwhile, we sold half of what we had, and received a few donations. So what was left, we will sell at my next big sale on the 29th Nov. Please come and help Cara raise enough to buy some materials to give the children she will teach, definitely a good cause!

So guess where the rest of the things went....back on my verandah! Im never going to have it spotless again!!

One of my favourite local shops in Glenbrook, recently changed hands. Karon just moved up the road, and has moved into clothing, after 6 or so years working with homewares in the cottage, she needed a change.
So in moves Rexine, a lovely lady, and after alot of hard work, the cottage is gleaming and full of gorgeous homewares, and gifts to boot!! I used to work in the cottage with Karon, so I knew what Rexine was in for, she has made it her own, and still so welcoming. I know she would love you all to visit.

It is a timber cottage with a big verandah, filled with all types of decor to suit your needs and wants, next to a nursery, and bushwalkers pass daily.I cant show you anymore photos, you will just have to drop on in, and tell her I said hi!


  1. Uh do you know my Rexi baby??? She's my BESTEST EVER FRIEND !!!!!We've been bestests for about 9 years now.

    WOOOOH small world. I took some piccies last week of her new shoppie as well. Lotsa my cuppies are in ther now too!

    xx Shann

  2. I have seen Rexine's house in Country Home I think??? I bet she has a gorgeous shop!!!


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