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More Specials!

Firstly ,I'd like to thank Bec from Beyond the Picket Fence, for a wonderful award! It is so nice to receive this, and Im always admiring her blog! Im supposed to list 6 things about me, or 6 things I love, so I think I will just do a mixture....and in no particular order.
1. Well, you already know this one, I love junking, the hunt, and the special finds!
2.I am absolutely ,without a doubt, petrified of spiders!
3.I love my family and friends, well it goes without saying...
4. I have the worst memory, I forget just about everything, I have notes everywhere, alarms go off on my phone every morning to remind me what is on for the day..sometimes I reset the alarm to remind me later in the day!! I struggle to remember people's names too( please dont hold it against me). Today's alarm said 'son's haircut, 4.30pm'.
5. I love hanging out with my friends, drinking wine, and flipping through mags, and chatting about stuff, it doesnt happen very often!
6. My pet HATES are the two things I succeed so well in...weight gain, and nail biting! I do a fantastic job at both, but hate it so much!!

Ok, that wasnt too painful, now I pass it onto 6 bloggers that make me smile...

Secondly, I went shopping into Jill's Bittersweet shop, and received my package, just gorgeous! She sells the most devine soaps and gifts, all handmade by her, you must go and visit !

I had the pleasure of taking my eldest daughter,(the one going to Africa in January) to a few op shops the other day....She asked, I jumped!! She needs a few things to take on her trip, and can only spare a few dollars.We managed to find a couple of skirts and shorts, and since she is teaching,we thought a couple of cassettes with nursery rhymes, and sing along songs would be fun to help learn english! Money raised for charity, has helped Cara to buy stickers, and books and some fun aussie bits and pieces. Im so happy for her, it will be a trip of a lifetime.One month will be teaching, and the 2nd month will be in an orphanage.

Anyway, whilst in the opshops, I had no choice but to look around, so I picked up a few "specials!"

And finally, I would like to thank everyone for their wellwishes for my dad, he is slowly moving forward, and I just hope I get a call at the end of the week to pick him up from hospital and take him home, it has been a long time coming.


  1. I'm glad you got your award. That is great about your daughter. A former student/friend of mine taught in Africa for a year. She loved it. My VBS group sent them school bags with markers and notebooks. They were much appreciated (it took them about 4 months to get there!).

    What is the cool metal flower thingy with the red handle?


  2. Oh no i came to giove you an award and you have goven me one.Thankyou come bvisit yours is on my blog.Loving your banners lately.
    Dont ask where io fitted the cradle
    as umm i havent yet,


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