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10.11.08 got me!!

I do, I love junk!!
I couldnt go on any longer, I needed a distraction. I needed to go junking, and with not a second to spare, I jumped in my car, and drove to my favourite destination, 'The Junkyard". I try to avoid this place when it is hot, as it is about ten degrees hotter there!

But it didnt even enter my mind, I was only focussed on one thing, junk...
I parked in my fav spot, and just stood admiring every nook and cranny, of the car park,mmm, yep, it is hot!

No Maccas here, but lots of signs, fuel bowsers, and everything including the kitchen sink!

With my supplies, my drink, and wallet, I slowly meandered towards the rustic (rusty) collection of wagon wheels, antique stoves, laundry trolleys, and plant stands. I did have one thing on my list to buy, hinges, old shabby hinges. Anything else was a bonus!

I found old castors, door knobs, pram and golf trolley wheels ( I like the old ones), no hinges. So I kept walking, in one shed, out another shed, things had moved since I was last here, so I didnt want to miss anything! There are approx 5 to 10 acres of land, filled with some fantastic junk, I say 'some' because there are actually pallets of new building materials, and old cars down the back, but I have no need to go there! I dont know how they manage to keep track of whats there, and the prices, well Im pretty sure they make those up! Thankfully I got them on a good day, they know me, surprisingly enough, Im a regular!
The owners live in this house next door, and it is full of junk too, of cause!

They even had the backyard loo!

To cut a long story short, I didnt find any hinges, but I did find these treasures...after an hour, they were worth the wait. I will be using some of these for projects, and will offer the rest on my website, so keep an eye out if interested.

I also found a wrought iron rack, I will transform into something, some silver trays, and some gorgeous glass thingys! On the way home, I stopped in to my fav shop,Frou Frous to collect my supply of boxes, and , yes it is all still in the car!

That day helped me get through a tough time, and distracted me from my thoughts of dad, who is back in Intensive Care. We do what we do to get through tough times, and for me, I have to keep working, and visiting the helps.


  1. Aww sue your poor dad.I have been there i know and its vinnies for me.How have i missed the junkyard i dont know that one at all.

  2. My heart is pounding a little faster


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