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Funny eyes... and Valentine displays

Mmmm, is that picture above too hard on the eyes? It looked kind of cute when it was small, but seeing it so large, it makes my eyes go funny!

I was feeling creative this afternoon, and I thought Id get in the Valentine's spirit. I have a few cloches, and just grouped them together.In the large one, I have a framed vintage card my dear friend Sue gave me a few years ago ( it matches my living room perfectly). The small one has a gorgeous clear glass heart in it, and it was also given to me by Sue, last xmas. The other one, I found at an op shop the other day, with a wooden tray.It was to hold cheeses, or cakes, but I had a better idea! I found this pretty picture on an old calendar I had, saved full of vintage images. I added some rickrack, pearl beads, and wella! And I must say, they are displayed on this gorgeous sideboard I am selling soon......... I really am!


  1. Your Blog is so inspiring!! I Love junking in the summer months....
    You inspire me... Thank you !
    Love, Marilyn

  2. What a sweet idea to put those under the cloches!

    Yes, now that you've called attention to the picture it does make me want to blink the fuzz out of my eyes. I might not have noticed it if you hadn't said something. It does look great smaller, though.

  3. I love the little Valentine displays.

    Jill xoo

  4. I see you're a Valentine fan like me. Cute stuff here!!!

  5. everybody needs a little LOVE...

    doing my first giveaway any day now!

  6. Sue what a lovely display your cloches make. Must get some Valentines bits and pieces out too.

  7. Very nice displays!~Smiles~Tam!

  8. Wow, i like what i read. I will be back for more! Check out my blog at


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