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Wide open spaces, and sacrifices!

Business is going reasonably well at the moment, so I have managed to clear my front verandah of some furniture I found buried under stuff....had them a couple of years, but couldnt sit on them! So now I have blank spaces! It is an incentive to keep going, and no more shopping for a while, though after my next sale, I will be bringing in some more! It never ends does it!! Just the way I like it!

Some people can cut up fabric like there is no tomorrow, but I almost find it a crime....
But today, there was no stopping me, there were sacrifices to be made!
I actually found it easier as I went along! Im feeling a bit guilty that I enjoyed it! I buy some things like clothes, curtains and tablecloths from op shops,just for the fabric. But when I get them home, I usually like them too much to get the scissors to them, oh well Im on a roll now!

The inspiration board was made from a bedhead.
You might notice the lace I used to make this inspiration board, may look familiar...I cut up one of my saris! There I said it! I know, what was I thinking! And while Im still on the confession box, this gorgeous round crochet tablecloth was easy to cut up, well some of it anyway! Oh I cant believe Im telling you all this.

Dont worry, I wont be cutting this one up in a hurry!

Think of all the gorgeous creations I can make with these.....shame, but someone had to do it!


  1. Oh Sue, wow! What a wonderful combination of things!! I've been wanting to make one of these for ages with some old frames but not quite sure how. Are there any tricks to putting a board together? Great work! Cheers, Irene :)

  2. just love that inspiration board
    and congrats on the destruction you are reeking.Its called re purposing and i bet at least they are enjoyes now.

  3. I do the same thing. I bought some vintage tablecloths to make curtains for my kitchen. I just couldn't cut them up so I bought a reproduction tablecloth from Moda & used that! I still have the vintage ones all nicely folded in my cabinet. :) :) Just can't cut up history....
    Love, Marilyn

  4. You brave girl! But they did not die in vain. I'm the same way. I can cut up new fabric, but not the old stuff. I'll buy it thinking of the uses for it, but knowing all the time I won't cut it.


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