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He just doesnt know it yet....

He hates my junk!

He whinges and whines about my junk! He says he is soooo sick of it everywhere he looks! He threatens to throw it out when Im not home! He denies any suggestions that he will one day, love junking just like me!

So why does he find such wonderful junk, and leave them on the verandah for me to find?
Oh yeh, my son is a 'closet' junker, and he just doesnt know it yet.....


  1. Oh what a fun post. Great bike

  2. After all its in the genes...! He can run but he can't hide.
    Irene x

  3. That is a wonderful piece of junk--what a sweet son!

  4. I love your junk~

    Love the new banner too.

    Jill xoo

  5. OOOOOHHH, how I love what you were left!! Perfect chippy rusty colors too! Blessings, Janna

  6. Your son has an eye for it!! It's definitely hereditary - my 4 year old recently announced to me he loves other people's rubbish!!


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