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Part 3: Vietnam, and back to reality!

Ok, so the photos are in the wrong order, but Im not going to fight it, just go with the flow....
This was on the last day, we were on our way to the airport, and we made a pitt-stop into these crazy markets! The photo above, I just love! She crossed the road, so brave, we were told to look straight ahead, go slow, dont stop! Having a crossing didnt make a difference, the scooters, cars ,buses, taxis, everyone go in every direction, at anytime!

It rained on our last day, thank goodness, a bit cooler! It was the start of the wet season, a month late!

Shoes galore, the Vietnamese love their bling!

They look tame here, but as soon as you attempted to walk, they grabbed you, begging to buy their product!

These were everywhere, this photo was taken at another market in the south.

Notice most people wear masks on their faces? It protects them from bugs and pollution.Most girls who ride the scooters and bikes, also wear long gloves.They protect their arms from getting burnt, they want to keep their skin as light as possible.

We stayed in a resort on an Island. It had its own fun park, we visited a couple of times, or more!

Great view!

Sitting at the bar, just relaxing and taking in the view....

It was huge, and what a view, the beach was behind me.

The pool bar!

At night, it was just lovely, we were very spoilt!
So today I was back at work, well sort is very hard to get started, but im looking forward to another holiday, and hopefully I wont have to wait another 5 years!
I hope you enjoyed the pics, of course, these are just a few!
Ive just listed some more things on Ebay, and will be busy in the studio creating......more like daydreaming! I think some people are right when they say you need a holiday to recover from a holiday!!
Have a good week!


  1. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

  2. Spectacular photos! What a trip that must have been.

  3. Great photos Sue
    Thanks for sharing Vietnam with us it looks great

  4. Oh wow! How awesome are these photos! Looks amazing :)


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