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Our humble holiday....cont.

We travelled on buses, boats, planes, tuk-tuks,cable cars and canoes, on the go all the time! People fascinated me, not influenced by western cultures.
This man caught my eye as we were on the bus, I had to zoom in quite alot, but I just had to have his picture!
As I said before, the family could all travel on the scooters, only three on this one, room for shopping.

This was quite common along the footpath. If you're tired and hot, just pull up a scooter!

The park behind him, was created for couples when money became scarce.They couldnt afford to go out, so this park allows them to spend time together, families werent allowed!

The photo below was quite funny. In 40 deg cel heat, this guy was carting huge iceblocks, and they fell over in the middle of the main highway, melting very quickly!

No such thing as a ute, or truck!

Some days were hard to take, we were so busy.

Yeh, busy taking canoe rides down the river,

ponycart rides ,

river cruises......

This is high technology!! The wiring was such a mess everywhere, thankfully they werent electrical!

More photos to come, some great shopping spots, and the small and quaint holiday place we stayed in!


  1. wow sue....i'm impressed with your trip and ability to tackle a culture as fast paced at that. can't wait to see more photos and hear more about your trip. sounds so interesting.
    welcome home.

  2. Howdy Sue
    Wow this was my first visit to your blog and what a perfect time to visit it was so thrilling to see the photos of your adventure.
    Blessings of joy to you as you carry on .
    Thanks for sharing the awesome photos.
    Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.
    Happy Trails


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