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Did I mention how much I love winter???

It is good to be home, though as reluctant as I was to go, it was an experience not to be missed! Such a diverse country, so much history, and the people are amazing.
This is in the main street of Saigon, on the roof of the hotel we stayed in. It looks quite harmless from up there, but on the ground, you are risking your life, scooters rule in Vietnam!

As you can see, there is no amount of things you cant put on your scooter! People move house with these! I was so excited when I saw all of this lovely junk, "a junkyard" I yelled with glee!
Hubby said it could possibly be someones home!

This photo says it all...They were everywhere, and with no rules on the roads, they came in all directions, all the time! Whole families shared these, up to 5 people on at a time, incuding babies!
This gorgeous rusty structure was outside our hotel room, Saigon.
Temperatures ranged from 32 -40 deg cel, and the humidity was up around the 500% mark! It was hot, it was extremely humid, and I soon realised the essentials were cotton clothing, hat, sunglasses, and suncream smothered hourly!

I took approx 400 photos, though I wont bore you with all of them, picking out just a few special ones, which encapsulate our humble holiday.I will post some more tomorrow, our accomodation, the people, and some market fenzy!!
Now, off to visit some of you!!


  1. Sue,

    It looks like you had a good time. Oh my gosh, those scooters are scary!

    Great pics!

    Glad you made it home safely.

  2. oh wow Sue can honestly say never knew why people would holiday in vietnam ,Now i know it all looks fabulous although the heat and humisity would have killed me first day lol
    Have to get together after the school holidays its been an age.
    PS love the pics the sort i would take not the usual ! more more


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