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A carpenter in the making...

Firstly, I just want to thank everyone who commented on my last post, I was quite surprised and humbled. Some things I redo, aren't everyones cup of tea, and I get that.
My son is looking forward to leaving school at the end of this year, and starting an apprenticeship in carpentry.
 He has done a few major works at school in woodwork through the year, a special one he gave me was a jewellery box.
He is a boy/man of few words sometimes, and at 15, you learn to accept it as the norm!
Yesterday, he asked if I could pick him up from school, as he had something to bring home. He said,"You better bring dad's car, it wont fit in yours."
I really didnt give it a second thought until he called at 3.30pm, asking if Im coming! Whoops, I had gone to the movies with a friend, and although we were just getting ready to go home, my 'phone alarm' didnt go off to remind me(see,I told you I need reminding!).
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally get to the school, to find him sitting all alone....with this!
It was such a surprise, I had no idea he was making it! When I asked him why he didnt tell me sooner, he replied," well,you dont tell me everything!"
What a wonderful surprise!
It is made of Tasmanian oak, and he has done a wonderful job, and his mark was 90%!
I found the perfect spot to show it off, and it fits perfectly.
His  next project is a timber toolbox with drawers, but from the plan he showed me, it looks too nice for tools!


  1. What a clever and talented young man. He has done a fabulous job

  2. Wow - he has quite the talent. VERY beautiful piece. MOM I can hear your pride! LOL It's really an amazing piece.

  3. This guy is talented. It looks amazing! You have good reason to be so proud of him. Marilyn

  4. That is fabulous! What a beautiful piece. Wonderful design that will look great forever! Your grandchildren will be amazed at what Daddy made when he was a boy!
    Irene x

  5. Wow, I cant imagine the time it would have taken. I love the vintage suitcases.

  6. Sue,

    You must have been so happy when he presented the table.
    It is lovely and looks great in the spot you chose.

    Jill xoo

  7. I forgot, I wanted to tell you something.

    When I was your sons age I took wood shop and made two Walnut tables.
    I was the only girl in the class, which kind of held to my advantage.
    Anyway, those two tables were the coolest things. I loved using those power tools and saws and constructing a piece of furniture.
    Your son will remember making that table for you and remember fondly about it.

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous... 90% mark???... that is a 1001% mark in my book... what a sweet treasure for you to keep and I don't mean just the table... I love the design also, very good eye... wish him luck in his new adventure and my bet would be Mom has some influence in his love of building... you should be so proud. Fantastic job.


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