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Another one down, and a whole lot more to go!!

I have been finishing off some projects that have been going on too long! Im at the stage now with my cleaning and clearing where I have to actually paint, fix and redo to get them moving out the door!
So here is one I finished over the weekend. I bought it a few years ago, and have had it in my office filled with , well, office stuff! It was only temporary until I felt up to freshening it up some.
Im happy with the outcome,you have to agree, it looks a bit better than it was!It will be listed on ebay tonite!
Have a good week!


  1. Awarding winning makeover!!! Looks right out of a designer magazine , LOVE it.. gonna hop pver ahd check out your ebay!! Blessings, Jana

  2. Beautiful! Hard to believe it's the same piece!!

  3. That redo is absolutely amazing!! So beautiful....

  4. So glad to find your blog...this is an amazing transformation.

  5. What a fantastic make-over. I have an old 1800's dresser that's more than a little tattered. I'm throwing it in my yard sale. But if it doesn't go, I think this post will inspire me to alter it back to life!

    ~ Jennifer

  6. Oh me oh my...I can't believe this is the same piece...I am so impressed! Pure inspiration!

  7. woot woot it turned out glorious

    good luck with selling it!


    p.s thanks for the well wishes on my flu

  8. Well done!
    Beautiful to see a vintage peice find a new way to shine in all shades of shabby white, the details you have added are a wonderful touch.

    Have only recently started repainting all my old furniture white and finding it addictive.

  9. Such an amazingly beautiful job! Way to go! The transformation is incredible.

  10. This is an amazing transformation. Well done. Thanks so much for stopping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  11. Absolutely amazing job... I had to look at it a few times to see if it was the same piece... very, very nice. Good luck with your ebay sale, I am sure it isn't going to be there long...

    Regards, Deb


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