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Puppy sitting and bird watching!!

Meet Bella, she is having a sleepover, well a few. Her parents have gone away for the weekend, so middle child, Miss Ris put her hand up to puppysit, which means, we all have to puppysit!
So cute, and Toby is so happy, he thinks we got him a gift!
As you can see, my garden is getting a beating!
This is Toby's favourite game, he just stood still, while Bella pulled with all her strength!
From above, this cocky enjoyed the entertainment!
Junking has its rewards, but there's nothing like a new puppy to play with.
Today it is finally raining, only just, but much needed at the moment, so I think we will play inside.
Enjoy your weekend, and all it brings.....


  1. Hello Australia! Too cute puppy, and what a lovely Cock*a*too...thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment on Love2...I do love the comments! Have a great weekend *elaine*

  2. oh my goodness...just found your lovely blog and I am in Love with that puppy so adorable. Off to visit more of your past posts...I so enjoy junking as well so love love your blogs name!


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