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The effects of yo-yo dieting.....

So most of you do know the side effects from yo-yo dieting dont you??
You starve yourself from all those sweet fatty foods, and then before long, you cant stop yourself, you need chocolate! You need alot of chocolate, and before too long, you have gained more weight than you have lost! I see you nodding, you know exactly what Im talking about....
Well, to put it in simple terms, JUNKING, is my CHOCOLATE! If I starve myself from it long enough, eventually I experience withdrawals, and then comes the overdose!!
If there was such a thing called Junkers Anonymous, Id be there, but since there isnt, it's Self-Therapy for me!
Like dieting, it is important to clear away any temptations like snackfoods.
Well, hubby's 4WD is my SNACKFOODS.If it is here, I know I can fit alot of stuff in it!
As alot of you say, "Ive tried all different diets, but this one works for me".
Well, Ive tried all different JUNKSTOPS, but ROADSIDE works for me!
You can see where Im going with this now, cant you......
I feel guilt, I feel shame, I feel disappointment....
I feel thankful that my hubby is away right now!
Sorry for the long post, but my 'Therapist' said it was important to share my experiences ,so that others will learn from them!
Oh, I feel so much better now!!


  1. Darn, its an addictive disease isn't it!
    I'll have the suitcases, the chenilles and the Sanderson Fabric chair please. Yes it will be 'take away' and don't worry about wrapping it all as Im having it in the car. (I wish - LOL!!)
    Irene x

  2. Good morning fellow roadside junker!! It's good to let it all out...and check out the junk!! WooHoo! It can be addictive, but it's much cheaper than a real we're doin' our part to keep Mother Earth greener...Now, I'll have a supersize order of suitcases, to go please, and add a side of that galvi-metal thingie, whatever it may be. No drink, but throw in some vintage textiles & I'll drive away HAPPY!!! :o} *elaine*

  3. Yep, I feel your pain.....
    My addiction is books!! I have so many they threaten to take over my life. Oh, what am I saying, they already have!!

  4. I just found your blog and it is wonderful! Chocolate, wine and junk -- what a lovely combination! I'll be back later to read your archives. Must go add you to my blog list!

  5. That's some might purdy "chocolate" you found!

  6. Now WHO's teasing! LOL

    I wish I rode shotgun with you during your neediest hour.. LOL

    "I need this, this & that"

    LOL - Absolutely great finds!!!!!

  7. I just posted a HUGE Give Away on my blog! Come on over & leave a comment to enter!!

  8. Feels good, doesn't it!

    I have a feeling that will be me before long. I've cut myself off from junking for the next couple of months (or days!) because of the decluttering I'm doing. I just hope I can resist the urge. I know I won't make it a month. (How is that for faith?!)

    ~ Jennifer


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