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Time out for a day....

I have been feeling under the weather all week, without a voice, and unable to complete my early 'spring' clean....
My eldest daughter, her boyfriend and my son, came to my rescue, and took us for a drive down the coast, for some crisp, clean, ocean air! Not that our air in the mountains isnt clean, but I needed a change, and it was definitely a good change.
Just to sit on the beach, and walk along the rockpools , it was so relaxing, and always clears the head(and the nose)!
There were some nice big pieces of driftwood I would have liked to take home, but they just wouldnt fit into my handbag! No shells to be seen, and the water was freezing, not quite summer yet! 
My parents home was just near by, and although they were away, they said we could make ourselves at home, so we did! We had a lovely bbq, watched a dvd, and then headed home. We were all exhausted, but the sea air and warm sun were the best medicine!
Whilst today, Im still not quite there yet, a change of scenery gave me new perspective, and hopefully by the end of the week, I will be more organised.
My treasured possessions are selling well in my Ebay store, sadly, but I still have a way to go, so keep watching!

This is a stingray we found washed up, it felt very interesting!


  1. Nothing quite as relaxing as a walk at the beach. One of my all time favourite places

  2. Wish I lived closer to the beach! Times I have gone to the beach I really loved it so I know what you mean about "clearing your head".
    Have a great week!

  3. That beach air is the BEST cure that there is! ~Janet~

  4. WOnderful pictures! It was HOT here today and your pics looked sooooooooooo nice and cool!
    Great blog!


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