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Dont adjust your screens!

Your glasses arent foggy, your screens arent dirty, it is just a little dust-storm here in the mountains and all over Australia!!

I woke at 4am to so much noise with the wind, and all my junk on  my verandahs banging around. I couldnt go back to sleep, so I waited till the sun was rising, well till it got lighter, and went out in the dirty wind, to take photos, as I do! I had all the windows open in the house, it was so hot yesterday, and now my house has red dirt all through it!

My daughters wont be happy when they see their cars....

I guess Im working indoors today, so here's another project I finished last week.

For all of those asthma and allergy sufferers out there, Im thinking of you!
As if there isnt enough destructive weather at the moment with fires, hail, storms, heatwaves, and tremors, now duststorms! They say the dust can travel overseas!
I can taste it, its everywhere! I hope it will rain soon, to wash some of it away!


  1. amazing photos. We are having weird weather here in Seattle, Washington. Except it is nice weather. No rain and very sunny and warm.

  2. Wow on the dust storm! Your red dust reminds me of the red roads in Oklahoma...flying over the state looks like red ribbons every which way, and the cars & trucks are red up to their door handles...if it's like the sand here in Florida, it gets in your house even when the windows & doors are closed! Love your just beachy banner...too cute! Have a great week *elaine*

  3. Boy, you really need a good rain to come and wash that dust away!! Love your shell banner--that's so clever! I have just found your blog, and am really enjoying it!

  4. I saw it on the news this morning - amazing. I remember a time like that here in Victoria in 1983 long time ago but I remember it because it was just before i had one of my kids. So, so messy.

  5. OMGoodness.... What a mess. I guess no matter where you live there is a down-side!!
    Take Care!!

  6. Sue,

    I hate dust, especially all that!
    Absolutely love your new creations!!


  7. Oh, wow. I've been hearing about the storm on the news over here in the U.S., but it's amazing to see your pics and hear a first-hand account of it.

  8. my son would love the dust storm. don't ask....
    i LOVE those swags you are making. lovely. charming....oh so not the dust
    good luck.

  9. I hope you get rain soon to wash all that dust away! I have asthma and allergies and I can't imagine what that dust does to those who do! Not to mention the mess in everyone's homes with dust everywhere. :)

    I like your garlands!

    ~ Jennifer

  10. I love your beachy sign. What a cool idea. I just wish I had more room for my beachy stuff. maybe I need another room . . .

  11. You know what, buy GPS blocker to jam all secret transmitters in your home or office.


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