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Is that the time??

I have been asking myself that question all day!! Some days should go for a week, my brain has been working overtime, not to mention my hands, they are sore and red and in need of some tlc...

Im sure many of you can relate, when working outside on projects, with sanding, fixing, painting, washing, your hands really cop it big time! Mine havent recovered from winter, dry, cracking, and with washing up dishes and paintbrushes, they wont heal!!
But the soldier I am (haha), I battle on. I only have a week and a half till my Spring sale, so I always put myself under extreme pressure to get things finished. I will never have it all done when I keep adding more to the list!
Here is just a peek at a some new projects finished, and heading into the studio, and onto the website soon.

Well, Im off to cook dinner, washup, again, and soak my hands in a bottle of handcream, in preparation for another days work tomorrow!


  1. Poor darlin'...with the sore hands! I think we can all relate to that! Sometimes I look at mine and think I see my Mother's hands, others I look and see hands that look like they belong to a coalmining, farming, chief cook & bottle washing, sanding & painting 200 year old woman!! I've tried every lotion on the market...they're not usually on my hands long enough to work! On to the next of luck with your spring sale...I have to keep re-adjusting to the opposite season for your posts...keeps me on my toes! Happy Tuesday *elaine*

  2. You have been busy.
    Come by my blog and enter my giveaway

  3. my hands used to bleed from painting and sanding and anything related to collage making....yikes. i get it. i do. and then you have to do those darn chores and cook....ugh...that just makes it harder for the dryness to go away.
    good luck on your spring sale. i'm so jealous. i'm still boothless and i hate it. sigh.
    take care and go get a giant jar of petrolleum (spell) jelly...right?
    take care

  4. Sue,

    You need some of my EXTREME HAND CREME!
    Don't work too hard..
    Best wishes for a succesful sale.


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