Follow my highs and lows of a small business, working with junk, repurposing, and creating original treasures!
Im a Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Junk Artist, Collector, and Daydreamer!
My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
Come and Browse....


Just come off the production line!

I just finished these after so many months collecting dust, red dust I might add!Everything on my verandahs are covered in that horrible red dust!

I lined this with remnants from a child's velvet dress, and on the lid, some pretty paper.I seem to have a theme this time round, lots of this aqua around!

I finally lined these drawer 'trinket' boxes, handy for jewellery, keepsakes etc...
I had started them, and just never found my way back till now.It takes 'the sale of all sales' to finally let them shine! Actually, Im really happy with them, and just quietly, if they dont sell, they may just find their way into my home!

I forgot to take after photos of this bookcase until I had filled the shelves!But you get the idea, the panel on the bottom, I placed a piece of wallpaper from my stash.You might not be able to see, but there is a lid that lifts up,for storing blankets, pillows and the like!
Ok, back to work, my boss is a slavedriver!


  1. The treasure boxes are really nice!! What a great idea... So sorry to hear of all the red dust. That must be a diffucult thing to clean up!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Sue :)
    Really love the box makeovers! Just beautiful.
    I could really use a box/shelf like yours at my place for Lego!
    I can remember the red dust storm we had in Melbourne just before the Ash Wednesday fires. Boy - that dates me doesn't it!
    The dust was impossible!!
    Good luck clearing it all away.
    Thanks for dropping by as always. By the way the Johnson Bros, Gravy jug is a 'Greydawn' design and colour.
    Very best wishes, Irene x

  3. I am not sure whether I commented yesterday properly. I thought I did, but I may have not hit publish comment. Anyway, good luck luck with everything! You have a done a great job :)

  4. Hi again, left you another comment over at my blog :)

  5. Hope you have great weather for your sale

  6. Your boxes are absolutely gorgeous.
    Happy day.

  7. Those look wonderful Sue. I hope that your sale went well for you! ~xo~Janet

  8. I adore those treasure boxes. So pretty.

  9. i'm loving your projects lately. you have been a working woman!! don't you just love velvet? it looks so romantic and perfect on anything. i love the boxes and that shelf needs to be in my dining room.

  10. Bugga how did i miss this post and those boxes i suppose they are sold now 100 times over.The white one called my name its my baby it wanted to live here ugh sigh


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