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A short stop, and The Splash Award!

Dont you just love these.....

This cute sewing box is in the ebay store tonight!

They're in the studio right now, and a few will be in my ebay store tonight.I love the graphics on these, and if I could play them, Id love them even more! The sounds these have are incredible.
They make for a wonderful display, so come on ,and have a browse!

And a quick thankyou to Sue @ VintageSue for the


Apparently Im
 alluring,amusing,inspiring,bewitching and impressive!
Well what can I say...
To choose nine blogs, link them, and you need to link back to me, so here goes...
*Holly, In the fun lane
*Simone, Beach vintage
*Katrina, Katrina Chambers
*Elaine, Love 2 junk

Thankyou girls, I check in on you very often, and I have to say, you all brighten my day!


  1. ooh am loving them pianola rolls not that i own a pianola,and that little dresser you have on ebay im just think where where where could i put it.

  2. When I was just a little girl my Grandma played the piano. I thought it was amazing she could do that..... Then I discovered our neighbor had a player piano & that was magical!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Hey Sue! Thanks so much for the Splash award! I may not be able to do the "choose 9 and link" and all that for a couple of days...but did not want to let the moment pass without saying Thank You! I'm always amazed when I'm given a blog award...I sometimes think my posts are a bit lame, and then I discover that people enjoy them! Too cool, you know? happy Friday *elaine*

  4. Sue,

    Thank you my friend for the Splash award.
    You too are inspiring and I enjoy visiting your blog.
    Jill xoo

  5. wow, love those piano rolls! I'd so like to come across those on my vintage travels lol!


  6. Oh thanks so much for my "Splash" award. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  7. Thank you Sue! You brighten my day too!

    ~ Jennifer


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