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ACCIDENTAL JUNK FIX ,from friends!

I wasnt deliberately looking for junk this week, I really do have enough to keep me busy!
This particular trip down the mountains was for the sole purpose of going to the hardware for some hinges and doorknobs.I have been searching high and low for some oldies, but they get snatched up pretty quick!
I like to drive down the back roads, it is fun, a bit like a go-cart track! As I come out the other end of the race track, I cant help but realise Im just near a friends shop, so I have to call in!
It just so happens to be a 2nd-hand furniture shop, and a junk room out the back! My Irish friend is always so kind, and knows what I like.I dont even have to bargain with him, he just drops the price straight away.I could have bought at least 5 items from him, but he got me on one of my strong days, well my 'one and only' strong day!
I told him I was just looking today, and unfortunately, he didnt have any hinges or doorknobs!I said Id see him in another few months cause that is the kind of friendship we have, quarterly!
I head home without any 'hardware' from the hardware, too expensive !
A couple of hours later, a ute pulls up, and two guys deliver all 5 of the items I'could have' bought from my friends shop!!The guys gave me a note which said...'see you in a few months you can pay me then'!
How sweet, and such a wonderful surprise!
So these are the befores, and I will share the afters soon....

This one's a keeper, fits in my office perfectly, well if I cleaned up the office, it would!

Shame there wasnt two of these, so cute!

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders!

The top of this table was painted white, about 5 times, on top of varnish! Who would do that? I had to remove it asap, too horrible to take a before photo!
I worked on this today, and Im happy with the outcome.
First I lathered on some citrus paint remover, love this stuff! After I scraped alot of paint off,I sanded and sanded and sanded.
I mixed some colours together to form this gorgeous pale aqua,(It is a bit darker out of the bright sun), and painted the legs.Then I brushed on and wiped off green stain and varnish in one, it is so easy to put on.The finish makes things look older and almost rustic.I decided to just add the stain to the top, the natural colour just gave it more depth.I left some bits of the white paint, I wanted it to look shabby.
Im putting it in the studio,and have just listed it on ebay. I will sit this cupboard on top,if it doesnt sell in a hurry!

I was also given this gorgeous cupboard from Sue.It has a marble top, and I cant wait to redo it!
This cute little table was from my friend Judy, I love these

So my friends have been really looking out for me lately, or they just want me to work harder! But Im loving it, and even this burst of extremely hot weather this week isnt going to slow me down, too much!
Have a good week, and I hope your friends are being good to you!


  1. sheeeesh...such good junk. I like those little round tables. Your going to be busy.

  2. WOW... Talk about blank canvases!! Have fun!!

  3. Wow, what a great haul. Sometimes that happens when you aren't trying. That cart is fantastic; so is your friend!

  4. hey miss sue....loving all the finds. loving your blog and loving all your support....
    i honored you with a SPLASH award on my blog. feel free to pick it up if you want. i totally understand if you are too busy.... deserve it and more...
    from one junk lover to another...
    thanks for all the magic

  5. Face it, you cant escape the junky life. These finds are amazing and you weren't even looking. A natural is what i call it.


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