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I needed a fix, and what better place than my fav junkyard.
Though my last couple of visits, I have noticed the prices have hiked up some. I dont know how they can justify their price rise as most of their junk is outdoors rusting or rotting away!
I look at it as an opportunity to really search for bits and pieces that I need to use to do my 'redos', like hardware and unusual pieces . I have her stumped for prices when I roll up with a bucket full of 'stuff'! She doesnt even know what half of it is, and makes up the price on the spot!

This junkyard is set on about 5 acres of land, filled to the brim! Each time I go, I make a wishlist of the pieces I like, then I drag her around to get prices.Some of the little things I gather, I just make a small pile along my travels, no one wants my junk, so it is pretty safe!
It is hard work fossicking through mounds of junk, but I call it 'research', it's my job afterall!
I usually spend about two hours there, I dont need to see the cars and parts, otherwise it could take 3-4 hours!
Today i bought a set of doors, some thingimies, and some rusty bits, interesting huh!
Ive shown a couple of photos before, but here's some more to drool over!
Hope you had your 'fix' today, in the junking way!


  1. Realllly Reallllllly Big
    I wish there was one of these close by....Irene x

  2. WOO HOO ! ! My Hubby & I could spend an afternoon there!! What fun.....
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  3. awhhh Bennett Rd, first time I went there was about 25 yrs back & haha, a lot of that junk from then is still there today.
    Becareful when you`re fossicking, lots of snakes hiding there. Their prices have been ridiculous for years, sometimes she sells at Blacktown Trash & Treasure and ups the prices even more.Vey friendly person she is, not!

  4. OMG this is seriously the best junk yard I have ever seen in my life! Take me there!

  5. Isn't it great to have that one special place to go junk? Even better when it's still a diamond in the rough and undiscovered. I just came across your blog tonight, love it!
    All the best,

  6. Looks like a junkers dream.
    Thanks for sharing, and stopping by my blog too.

  7. that is like crazy wicked junking fun. i hate it when prices go up at your favorite junk haunt. that has happened to me before too. let it go. it's just junk. sell it cheap!!! i'm with ya.
    great photos.


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