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Blending....take 2!!

My son had been feasting on mulberries off the tree out on the lane, and decided to have an afternoon siesta! It was a hot day, but he didnt mind, and curled up under the quilt and drifted off !

Toby wandered in, panting and gasping for some cool air.

I think he had the same idea about the afternoon snooze, though any time of the day is good!

'Mmmm, this lounge is kind of lumpy, but cool, oh and the pillows are so soft.......!'

Ahhh, I love my boys!
Remember this post? It must have something to do with the quilt,lol!

Im busy doing this and that, and hoping for some good news at the end of the week, so please cross your fingers and toes, till then, have a good week!


  1. crossing my fingers. i'll hope for good news for you too!!!!
    aahhh slumber....
    and my toes are crossed.
    take care

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for coming over and posting your nice comment:-). Toby is a beautiful dog....looks like he has a comfortable life with you! ~xo~ Janet


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