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Lost spirit,less sparkle....

I managed to put out some Christmas decorations in the past week, with some help from my eldest daughter.My tree lights stopped working, so less sparkle this year! All that is left ,is to decorate the studio for this Saturday.Hopefully then I may have some christmas spirit to share around, it is a bit hard to find this year. I think I need to do some blog therapy, and get inspired!


  1. You are not alone.... A lot of us have lost their urge to decorate. It can be financial or personal.... All I can say is just remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. That is what I do....
    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Hi Sue I have not decorated for christmas yet. Got my white tree out Sunday and it was discoloured. Arghhhhh.... looks like it has become discoloured where the tree faces the window and gets the afternoon Summer sun on it. So this will be it's last year. The tree is out but still undecorated. Love your pics. Come visit my blog and enter the Aussie giveaway

  3. Ahh you like me have the babies have grown dolldrums.Your house look so great,Have to miss saturday as i will be in v=Canberra for my little Christmas with my boys well three of them anyway.I know im gonna cry and that annoys them ugh

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  5. see...i am not the only one. i think moving every other christmas makes it hard to grow holiday roots. i try to keep it simple...this year is no exception. i have never gone overboard to the max at christmas. what is the point? it puts us in debt and makes us get stressed out.
    your studio photos look amazing!!!!! all those pretty plates and gowns...i'm sitting here just watching the show. it is very calming.

  6. my store is fully decorated but i did not get a tree for my home this year... i now really regret it but i leave in a week so now i did greens and a wonderful wreath on the front door... just do something simple... it will make you feel better... i do. happy christmas... x pam


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