Follow my highs and lows of a small business, working with junk, repurposing, and creating original treasures!
Im a Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Junk Artist, Collector, and Daydreamer!
My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
Come and Browse....


The home run....

Have last sale for the year....tick
Start and finish Christmas shopping...tick
Call the fire brigade to help put out the fire in our driveway...tick
Sit and stare at the burnt remains of our jetski....tick
Unplug the washing machine under warranty, squeeze out 12 towels, and call it a day....tick!!
Ahhh, Christmas, we're on the home run, and then round the corner, a New Year!

Thankyou for your comments from the previous post,apart from today's happenings, the festive stress is easing, and I look forward to having all the family together soon to celebrate and laugh, eat and be merry!

Studio update...
Although the doors are closed for the year physically, they will always be open virtually, via here, and here.
Please feel welcome to visit via your computer, as I will still be adding new stock weekly.

The doors will open in February 2010, date yet to be confirmed.
This year has been wonderful, and new ideas for next year are being planned as I write!

I wish to thank everyone who has visited Junkstudio, if not to purchase,just to chat and browse. I hope you will continue to check in occasionally, you may be surprised!
Catcha later!!!


  1. How on earth did the jetski catch fire in your driveway!!!???

  2. I just love the boudoir chair.... You know, the one with the fancy wire back!! Oh My!!
    Yeah... How did the jet-ski catch on fire in the driveway?!?!?!??
    Merry Christmas!

  3. At least you have a good adittude about the whole thing. I love some pillows I see in the picture. Enjoy the rest of the season. Merry Christmas:)

  4. My son and daughter's boyfriend had been fixing it over the past few weeks, and had just filled it with fuel, ready to take it down to the river to see if it works ok. They tried to start it , and boom! Very lucky to tell the story! There must have been a fuel leak.We had two hoses on it but the flames kept coming, so we had no choice but to call the firemen.We had a car attached with jumperleads(on gas), and two others close by, it could have been a disaster!
    There were a few lessons learnt, one in particular, check your fire extinguishers often.Ours didnt work when we needed it!

  5. Wow, it sounds like you could really use the down time. Enjoy your holidays, and I look forward to seeing what's in store for next year.

  6. Wow I love that last picture and that chair. Wonderful.

  7. fire in the driveway???? hope everyone is okay!!! sounds like a crazy month for you. hope things slow down a bit and you can rest before the new year kicks off another challenge ahead!!
    the last photo is so lovely.
    take care

  8. I'll have one of everything of your stuff .... my heart beats with yours

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  10. I sure do love your photos, such beautiful eye candy, I needed that goodnight. Hugs, Diane

  11. Have a happy and uneventful (!) Christmas Sue!!
    XXIrene x

  12. Have a wonderful holiday season Sue, I hope that your New Year is blessed! ~XOXO~ Janet

  13. Love the large cloche! Take a well deserved rest!
    smiles, alice


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