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Pre Christmas confessions!

I usually confess to things Im not proud of prior to the New Year. It helps to celebrate with a fresh and guilt-free approach, and hopefully surrounds me in good karma!

It doesnt seem that long ago, when I moved my office into here and here. But over time, it has filled up (surprised?) and I have a hard time putting things away sometimes, so now it has gotten to the point where I can hardly walk in!

My son would like a bigger bed for his birthday(end of Jan), but his room is too small to fit his desk, shelves,bst, and the bed. So after much thought, I suggested we swap rooms, as my office has a bigger wardrobe, and the room is longer. Hmmm, I couldnt believe what was coming out of my mouth, cause then I realised Id be moving my office into a smaller room!

Logic raised its will keep me more organised, I will have to put things away, and the room can also be seen from the loungeroom (big incentive to keep it tidy when we have guests).
So guess what Im doing for the month of January??
Please dont look at these pictures too closely, Im ashamed it got to this point!
So stay tuned in the New Year, as I share the photos of my new ,organised space, and my sons room!
Speaking of my son Ryan, he has officially finished school, and moving on to Tafe to start an apprenticeship in Carpentry in February.He has been wanting to do this for a few years now, and with his skills I have shared with you, I think you'd agree, he will succeed!

'Photos from his formal'

As happy as I am for him, I cant help feel the home nest is looking a bit empty, family time is slipping away....
After 3 children, 17years of school books, reports, school meetings, uniforms, bags, lunches etc etc, those days are over.
Next year I will have all three children (young adults) in tafe, so things are changing, some adjustments to be made!
2010,Two thousand and ten, twenty ten, 'Ten, however you like to say it, will be experiencing some new beginnings here,in the home, and also in Junkstudio.

I cant finish this post without sending out well wishes to my dad, who after 12 months ago, was diagnosed with bowel cancer, is waiting on results from the hospital, for the 'all clear'.
Also to dear friends of mine who are sitting by his dad's bed in his last hours.
And to a new friend and neighbour, who will be attending their dad's funeral today, so sad.
Please give a big hug to all the dads out there.....

 I look forward to sharing more with all of you, whether you like it or not , but for now Im signing off for a while to take in some of that Christmas spirit youve all been talking about!

Be safe, and enjoy all it has to offer, keep warm, or cool, where ever you are in the world.

'Photo from middle child's 18th birthday'

Join me in the New Year,Sue x


  1. Sue, I just posted about snow for you on my blog!!

    I've been trying to make some sense out of my sewing room and it get organized so I can start the new year out right. If I can find things again, I may even get some projects finished!

  2. Sue just found your blog through Marge. Not to worry about open mouth and insert foot..........The move will REALLY help you to organize! Now that has been said BELIEVE~BELIEVE~BELIEVE~BELIEVE!
    O.K. now if that little mantra works let me know I REALLY need HELP TOO!
    smiles, alice

  3. see sue, we really are so much alike, only your children have grown up a little more!! so i always love to listen to your advice about a blink of an eye and they will be old enough to ask me for my craft
    my craft room looks like your office!!! i'm there. i get it...and actually i think your office is totally interesting and fun!!
    good luck with the move and happy new year. cheers!!!!!

  4. Ahh i am with you as i sit in my messy craftroom.Creative may as well be spelt chaos.What can we do its a burden we carry,Happy new year Sue and good luck with your mission.
    Hugs Jules


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