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My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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Movin' on out, hubby that is!!

I've claimed the whole office space, well it was only a matter of time....Do you remember how much he had anyway? I moved his desk out into the family / dining room. Miss Ris, our 17yr old, is hubby's secretary / sales consultant, and she prefers the desk there, it is closer to the fridge!There's already too much furniture and 'stuff' in there, but it will have to do until we have a better solution. Hubby suggested I throw out some junk, and there would be plenty of room for 5 desks! HOW RUDE!! He's probably right, but I would never admit that to him! ( Im sure a few of you can relate).

So I set to work, and reorganised my mess so I could finally have a work space, and desk. When Im creating indoors, I tend to rummage through fabric, and it rarely gets put back. Im thinking of having shelving in the robe area to store my fabrics so I can see them.The suitcases might look good, but are definitely not practical.I always find what Im looking for in the last one, why is that?

I have been busy cleaning and reorganising everywhere, kind of like a springclean you might say, but in the middle of our summer. I found plenty to put in my ebay store, and Junkstudio. I love clutter, but sometimes I just need to let go of some things, I am sick of cleaning them and fighting for space to cook, and sit, and sleep, truly!

Sue is coming up for the weekend so we are junking, and shopping for chooks! We are heading over the mountains to Little Hartley.It is a cute 'little' town, slower pace, friendly people, and definitely great junkshops!

I havent really been junking for a while, I have so much here, and Im sure, no, hubby is sure it breeds! Though I did come across some gorgeous tablecloths I just had to have.One is embroidered linen, absolutely perfect, the other is vintage, the colours are just devine. I also bought this shabby chic curtain, it is sheer and the roses look so pretty! Ive decide to sell this one, as it doesnt really suit my decor, so it will go into Junkstudio. These timber stands were also a recent purchase which will come in handy in the studio, and at $10 for the two, I cant go wrong!

I managed to throw together a stand for 'Curvy Lady', consisting of a gorgeous piece of turned timber, maybe from a chair or railing(found it in my collection of bits), and the bottom part is from a birdcage now we are ready to decorate!

Our daughter arrived safely in Ghana, Africa, and after orientation, will meet up with her host family she will live with for the two months. We have spoken a couple of times, it is hard to believe she is there, a wish come true! So keeping busy will help pass the time!

And now , to clean the studio, and prepare for customers!


  1. Awesome! Big job for you though. It's great that you get to spread out!!!

  2. Everything looks fabulous!

    I'm impresed with your work too.

    Excited to see what's up your flea market sleeve.

    Jill xoo

  3. I am impressed with such a large job!! I absolutely LOVE JUNKING!!
    Until Later....

  4. Hi! I found you through Ang over at Tomboy Around Town. I've just read through a few posts on your blog.

    I had to smile when I saw the suitcases. I collect vintage suitcases as WELL, and store all kinds of things in them. I'm making some pretty vintage-inspired tags to hang from the suitcase handles to say what's inside so I don' have to open each and every one of them just to find one item I need!

    If you get a chance, stop by and take a chance at winning my Give-Away that started on my blog today :)

  5. ahhh new you would edge him out
    now if i cou;d just do the same lolmy husband has one wall but what i could fit on that one wall lol Everything looks good and i adore Ricks shop.


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