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I just had to!

Hi everyone, I couldnt wait to share my gorgeous purchases from yesterday...

Sue and I headed up the mountains for Hartley to buy Sue some chooks, and thought we'd stop in at Lawson, where the beautiful Shop of Rick Rutherford's (Country Collections Magazine) resides! We must have been there about an hour, circling the cottage a few hundred times! Absolutely, without a doubt, worth visiting, even just to browse, but to buy, even better! Rick was very welcoming, and his shop was quite busy. He is having a yulefest celebration in June, but unfortunately, it coinsides with my Vietnam trip.

I had it fixed in my head, I was buying junk today, but I couldnt resist these stunning ladies, they were calling my name.
I bought a little wreath too, just realized I didnt take a photo, it already found a home as soon as I walked in! Im an avid collector, yes well that says it all, so one of my collections are mannequins, bodyforms, large and small, it stretches out to ladies like these, how could I resist! Oh, and he had alot of xmas specials, so I had to have this!

We then went next door to a little antique shop, which I have to say, I rarely visit as the prices are ridiculous! But it didnt hurt to look...I did end up buying a few vintage postcards, they were too adorable to leave, but a silly, expensive price, and some vintage trim, gorgeous. We drove up to Leura to have a yummy lunch , and I had to buy this cute tea -cosy, it will be at home in my kitchen!

We didnt make it any further, as the place we were going for the chickens wouldnt answer the phone. So, we will just have to do this all again very soon. Im going back down the coast this week to see my parents, so I may have to get my 'Junk fix' there, they have lots of places to visit ! I better start saving my pennies!

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