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It is still holiday season here, until the end of January. The weather is very warm, it's my enemy when it comes to painting furniture! I have lots to do around the home, so one of the things on my list(very long I might add), is to install a flyscreen door on the front of the house. So I went through my 'collection' under the house, and found this beauty! Unsure of the colour to paint it, I left the scrolly insert as is, chippy, just gave it the wire brush treatment. I painted the timber wheat (the same colour in the middle of my front door), with the intention of sanding it back slightly. As I am the only fan of 'chippy' and 'distressed' in this household, they may gang up on me, and make me paint it. I'll see if I can sneak it on...What do you think?? Should I leave it, or paint it??

While my eldest daughter is still away in Ghana, (counting down,6 weeks to go), I decided to finish off some things in her room, a wardrobe, the bathroom floor, and painting the outside walls. Well Ive started, and will post photos soon, before and after. She will be very surprised!

Just to add another of my fav shops, 'Country Interiors' is just gorgeous, and in Penrith. So pretty, and mostly shabby chic decor. I bought a couple of little things for easter displays, but Im not showing you just yet, it's way to early!

Enjoy your day,hope it is nice weather where you are.... and for all those browsers out there, I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.!


  1.'d travel all that way????

    you're a doll

  2. Oh I think leave it chippy! I like that look too! ~Smiles~Tam!

  3. Oh definitely leave it chippy.
    Just ignore the families comments!!

  4. hi miss sue...i found your post on the windscreen!!! how funny. i love it all chippy and old. i LOVE that you found it under your house!! if i was in a house we owned, i too would have a bunch of doors under it!!! i love that.
    thanks for all the great comments and verbal support you give me. you are a treasure.


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