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Australia Day, and Enough is enough!!

Happy Australia Day on the 26th January, for all the aussies out there! Some are enjoying a long weekend, and some of us have to work today, but tomorrow, we celebrate like there is no tomorrow!


And the saga continues! I have nearly completed the room swap, and will share the after photos soon....

My new office

Ryan's new room

So when is enough, enough?
 When do you draw the line at collecting, after 3? 10? Or maybe when you have filled a room and then some! Well as you know I have a few collections, (a few hundred to be honest), and I didnt include fabric. I wouldnt consider it to be a prized collection I would hold dear to my heart, but it has been confirmed as of today....Im seriously having to cull some of the 'not so favourite', which would be in a few of my 8 suitcases. I dont like to throw away any scraps leftover from projects, you never know when you might need them! But I managed to wittle down to 6 cases, phew!
Oh, and did I mention the cupboard full??
These vintage fabrics I adore, and love to have them where I can see them daily. I found this perfect 'oldie', and knew they would look gorgeous displayed in there.So I cleaned it up, removed the door and painted it to match the room.But somehow I got distracted and never fitted the shelves! I thought I might do it after the room-move, but couldnt resist filling it straight away! Mmm, hopefully I will get to them eventually!
Here they are for you to admire....

1.The cupboard, with cute queen anne feet.2.Selection of fabrics I have quilted with.3.Barkcloth.4.Polished cotton, curtain remnants.5.Soft velvets.6.Vintage theatre curtains.7.bedspreads and covers.8.quilts I have made.9.Ta-da!
Note to self...If I put shelfs in, I will fit more fabrics in!!


  1. Hi Sue definitely put the shelves in so you can fit more into that cupboard.
    Have a great day tomorrow celebrating Australia Day

  2. Oh Sue, I too am addicted to collecting! Right now it is blog surfing. At least it takes no house space! Happy celebrating Australia Day!
    smiles, alice

  3. Can I come over and check out your stash?????? Please????
    Some nice ones there :)

  4. well happy aussie day to you too!! whatever that does it mean i can have a drink here to celebrate on your honor????
    I LOVE those fabrics. the barkcloth ones are spectacular. i have about 6 suitcases too. i'm with you. i have 2 baker's racks full of fabric. i have an upstairs armoire full of fabric. i have 2 downstairs built-ins full of linens. baskets full of lines. i'm there with you!!!
    can't wait to see the finished product!!


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