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All at usual!!

A familiar statement to us all!
 Like many of you out there, we like to organise, redecorate, shuffle heavy furniture around, and keep things moving. But do we like to do it all at once, in every room in the house?
Well, I for one am overwhelmed with my 'improvements and redos'!
Distractions get the better of me everytime, if it all gets too much, just walk on out of the house, and head for the garden....

And look, a baby is born....

As you know from previous posts here, possums (and Toby) love my veges, I have yet to see a full grown tomato, and you can forget the broccoli, zucchinis, and carrots! But look at this little baby, there are actually quite a few on the vine but they dont seem to make it past this size, can you tell me why? I heard you cut back the vine so that it puts all its energy into growing the pumpkins, but still, they disappear! There arent any signs of grubs, moths or any other critter....except Toby, but surely not! I may have to put out some video surveillance!
Im in the middle of finishing off the curtains to our laundry cup'd, though Im not happy with them, so I need an opinion , or two! I think I have decided which ones I will go with, but Id love some support!
So whilst 'deciding' on those, I decide to rearrange the family room office(my hubby's area), Im always trying to make it look more appealing, as it is in the same room as the kitchen , family, and dining room! Yeh, I know, ridiculous to say the least, but we have no choice at this point! No photos to show you, but trust me, it is crowded, but functional, for now...


Last but not least, the saga of the room swap(my son's and my office), is slowly coming together.I painted in my 'soon to be' office/craft room, and am just waiting for a couple of days where Ryan can sleep in the loungeroom,then I can just go for it! It is easier when hubby is away with work, so it wont be long.

Anyway, besides all of that, this month, and February, we have 11 birthdays to contend with in our families, so a bbq is in order this weekend to celebrate a couple of them, my parents. Then Tuesday is ,as we aussies know, Australia Day. Did I tell you my mum's birthday is on Australia Day? It will be another great day to celebrate!
Be back soon hopefully with at least one complete room makeover, and the results of my very important survey...

Option 1 or option 2?


As frivolous as this post seems in this time of need in 'Haiti', my thoughts and prayers are with the people and their helpers. I have shed more than a few tears, but we all have our own coping mechanism, we do what we have to do to get through these tragedies.We may feel helpless, out of reach, and unable to give, but sharing our thoughts and showing respect for them as people, will help fill the void. They hold so much strength and hope, more than I could ever have.


  1. Your words regarding Haiti are so true! What a disaster!!
    Go for the doors - more soundproof when the machines are going.
    :) Irene x

  2. oh sue...i love that first photo of the curtains!! and i am sooooo with you on trying to always make improvements. you probably are making improvements....
    me? i just shuffle stuff from one end of the house to the other and nothing really ever looks better. ugh. i did throw 5 big bags of stuff to the donation center in the last 2 weeks. whoo hoooo
    arek's birthday is coming up in feb. too. wish i could send him to celebrate with 11 other aquarius mates. he would love it.
    good luck and hang in there.....good luck with the garden. i can only grow

  3. Option 2 for me - it looks so fresh.

  4. Sue, I am in favor of #1. I could not tell if it was burlap or linen. Love the color.
    smiles, alice


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