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This weekend I....

...was quite busy catching up with old friends!

Friday we had a visit from Sue,who always comes prepared! Arent they gorgeous! We have been best friends for 31 years this year, oh the stories we could tell, and couldnt tell!!

I cooked a bbq, and we watched a couple of movies.
Saturday, we braved the heat and went to our fav nursery up the mountains, then shortly after,Sue had to go home.

The I did a bit of this...

and this...

Today hubby and I went for a drive 2 hrs up the coast and called into our friends for lunch.

Great to catch up, we dont see much of them these days, kids are grown, and our lives are busy! After 26 years, it is like we saw each other yesterday!
We even left with some sidewalk junk!

And now Im in front of this...

mmmm, what to cook for dinner...

Well tomorrow Im ready to tackle the doors in the bathroom, and this is what Im replacing them with, I'll show you the finished project soon!



  1. ....just took a peek at your Web Store.... Beautiful!! I love the way it is laid out!!
    I just love fixing up Junk too!!

  2. Wonderful to see you enjoying yourself!
    Irene :)

  3. Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010. The air conditioner looks nice.....

  4. Happy New Year! Your beautiful weather looks very inviting! It was great to scroll through and visit. Happy junkin!

  5. haha theres our curtains hooks ! CLASSIC. Hey ive been doing a fair bit of what you've been doing too.....pool, wine, air con, junkin...ahhh what a life !

    Catch up with you real soon hun!

  6. I like the sound of your weekend. Love those tie backs as soon as vinnies gets some i will be having me some hehe.See you friday.Hugs


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