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Odd jobs and loose ends....

Well  hello, welcome back to my small and humble part of the world!
Thankyou for entertaining me with your blogs over the New Year, it was like sitting back and relaxing with a cup of tea and a new magazine!

The title of this post says it all with a New year comes new jobs around the home! Maybe the term 'loose ends' doesnt quite describe the jobs at hand, they're more like fraying around the edges.

 So many little things to be finished and fixed around here, and as quick as one is done, there are many more.
If you have read my blog over the last couple of months, you would know we have been having a run of bad luck, the jetski burnt to the ground, the washing machine broke down, the roof on the verandah leaks (only when it pours!), etc, etc!
Well, I thought I would take advantage of the little time my son has before he starts Tafe, and so I volunteered him, and his skills, to help around the house, fixing, finishing, sealing, and some general maintenance to get on top of things!

Check out the cute gloves!

Today we cleaned the gutters, fixed the leak, cut back some trees, and mowed the lawn.
Tomorrow, we will replace these doors to hide this mess....(another project for another day)!

And then there is the room swap(previous post) we are attempting in the next couple of weeks, but I will get to that soon!
Mmmm, mother and son bonding time ahead, lol!!
Here's a picture of my next redo to sell...or maybe keep!

So when do I find time to put on the paint clothes and earn a living?
Soon I hope!


  1. hahaha sounds like my life...good luck :)

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  3. Hi Sue, it's good that you can use your kids to do jobs for you! I love the thought of all the new challenges for 2010. Good luck with it all! Katrina x

  4. oh sue...when do we get that time to create and earn a living???? right after we pretend to almost finish what NEEDS to be
    good luck with all your projects. that is a lot of work for you!! if i had zoey help me clean out a room, i would just go take a nap instead and leave the room alone..
    can't wait to see the redo on the room and THAT CHAIR. it is pretty fantastic. i would keep it too!!! what a pretty color blue.
    hope you stay dry, clothes get washed and nothing catches on fire. you poor thing.
    hang in there and cheers to a new year.


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