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The great outdoors!!

I know some of you might be jealous of our weather here at the moment, so I wont brag, and show you photos of the sunshine, just know, it is out, it is hot, and Im heading outside to wash, paint, and air out the studio! We have had so much rain lately, everything is soggy, and today is the day for drying, rain predicted tomorrow!

I just finished these and added them to the website...maybe not in time for Valentines Day, but do we need an excuse to hang a heart?

Im sorry, I couldnt resist...everything has grown so much,I will be cutting them back today, mowing the lawn, and Toby doesnt know it yet, but he's having a bath!

Have a good day, enjoy the sun(here), and keep warm(there)!


  1. Sue, I love the hearts! And no, you certainly don't need an excuse for hanging them at anytime. Your website and studio shots are really looking good. Hope things are going well in that warm part of the world.

  2. trade you 40" of snow for that
    love the hearts. very pretty. enjoy your painting weather and i hope toby got thru his bath okay!!!
    i'm going back into hibernation.

  3. Hearts are gorgeous and dont lie i am almost dead from the humidity lately,Australia hot one day bloody hot the next.

  4. Hi Sue, hope Toby enjoyed his bath but if he is anything like our pooch I would say not! Lovely hearts :0)

  5. LOVE your blog and your hearts! Lezlee

  6. I am in love with Toby, he is just the cutest!

  7. looks nice mam!
    keep up the good work!


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