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Hanger Chandies...

Deep in my files of must-haves and must-makes, I remember tearing these from a 'bhg' mag, and thinking one day, yes ,one day Im going to make these...
Well that day came, and I put together a slideshow tutorial on how I made them, which you will find here!
Let me just talk you through it!
1.This was my inspiration, from  'French Bazzaar'.               .
2. Materials needed- hangers and candles
3. Old chair / cot rails.
4.Trim remnants
5. Paintbrush,paint of choice and hot glue gun.
6. string for hook
7. A place to hang your hanger chandies.
8. At night!
Of course once you know the basics, you can play around with them, and try different sizes, shapes, and colours! You could add more, hanging them to the floor, of course, in a safe place.
Black can look very dramatic, while white is definitely shabby chic!
If anyone decides to make these, Id love to see how they turned out!

**Tell me what you think, and dont forget my giveaway, the winner drawn tomorrow night, Sydney, Australia time!
Everyone welcome!!

I might add, the originals were priced at $55.00 for three, and I managed to do it for a third of the price!!


  1. What a great idea, havent seen coat hanger candles before. Looks fabulous!

  2. WoW! What a great idea!!! Never seen the like before. Clever girl, I love the idea.
    Irene x

  3. Sue,

    What a clever idee.
    I love them!
    I especially like them layered.
    Congratulations on completing a long awaited project and a job well done.
    Jill xoo

  4. How cool!! Just love 'em!!

  5. Clever girl. I especially like the blue one.

  6. i agree the blue one is so sweet. very whimsical!!! would look great with those battery operated taper candles in them so you could actually hang a dress on them!!!
    love it.

  7. I have seen this before, I do like them too. I wonder how they would go in the breeze.....I think a nice pink one would look fab.

  8. I have never seen them before. Who would have thought? Some clever people out there to just make that up. Yours look great!


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