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Daisies = friendship...& a giveaway!!

A 'thankyou' gift from a friend...

I love daisies, especially yellow daisies, and they speak friendship and smiles :)
They also speak 'Summer', and I think we are seeing the last of it, and moving into 'Autumn'.
We will be seeing more of this over the next couple of months...

I for one welcome the season, the fresh mornings, clear blue skies, the cool evenings, and the leaves changing.
It clears the mind and replenishes the soul.

But a 'smile' from a friend is welcome every season!



This is a first for me, and maybe the first of many firsts to come!
With the changes in seasons, comes changes in our lives, we live by them, I feel.
We evolve and grow, different people coming and going throughout our life, leaving impressions in our minds and hearts along the way...

I made quite a few of these , (as I usually do with a new addition to the studio) so I thought it was appropriate to give one to a friend, a cyber friend!

If you would like to win this hang'a'heart, just tell me in a few words,
 'Do you have a positive standout change you have made in your life in the last twelve months, and what is it?
If you follow my blog, you will be entered again, simple!
I will draw the winner on Wednesday evening (Sydney, Australia time).

Have a good weekend :)


  1. Hi Sue, lovely giveaway :) I have decided to concentrate on the task at hand and let the new opportunities unfold in their own time instead of hoping and wishing the time away. Hope you have a great weekend x

  2. Realising how wonderful blogging friends can be and the knowledge that I'm not the only 'collecting nutcase' (lol) in the world!!
    We share a wonderful common bond~ all of us!
    Sue, lovely give-away and no I didn-t make the dress. It was a find. Just exquisite isnt it. I have a few more that are hard to part with.
    Hope its a lovely day up there - funny day here- sort of, maybe wants to rain but not sure- sort of day.
    Irene :)

  3. Come on over to my blog...I'm havin' a 2 part Spring Giveaway!!

  4. Oh, beautiful!!! My goal has been to clean up my garage. I've got a long way to go, buy I'm taking baby steps and making some progress.

  5. Hi Sue! I started organizing, as you've read. And, I know it will takes months to climb this mountain, but I'm trying to move forward every day even if it's only a few steps at a time.

    I'm not sure I can ever have a truly organized home, being the junk collector I am, but I'm sure as all get out going to try my best!

    ~ Jennifer

  6. Hi Sue, Thank you for the beautiful comment and I would love to join your friendship giveaway. I would imagine, as the days go by, I will have many new goals. Right now, my main objective is to get through each at a time...and appreciate my friends and the beautiful day around me. Doom & gloom has never been my style, and I need to get a smile back on my face. Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it so much! *elaine*

  7. Had a few stand out changes this year and ones that I didnt see coming. They have made a big difference to how I view the world from this point on which is a positive thing overall..
    Love the flowers! Would love to go in your giveaway too.

  8. Hello there,

    I liked your blog right away when I saw that you love daisies. My mom adored daisies, and I mean adored them! That was one of her very fav things in the world. I called her "Daisy Lady". Wish she were still here with us.

    Not sure if your giveaway is good for USA but if so count me in.

    I will also become a follower after I end this post as I really like your style.

    God Bless,


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