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Junking internationally!

I couldnt resist these gorgeous magnets from Sue at Vintagesue! I demanded she sell all of them to me, well I pleaded, and succeeded!
They made their way to Australia, and are now in my hot little hands!

They are so cute and look great on the fridge or magnetic board, anywhere!

I kept two, but Id love to keep all of them, love them!
Go and check out what else she creats, she is a junker on steroids I swear! Her head is spinning with fantastic ideas, she is the creator of all creations! And she will make you laugh out loud!
Thanks Sue, 'I'll be back'.....

I'll be adding them to the studio soon, so stay tuned!
I have a few redos finally completed, will share them with you next week,have a great day :)

P.S The last photo says it all for me, so it became my March banner.


  1. LOL "a junker on steroids"! Isn't Sue the greatest? LOVE HER STUFF! The magnets are awesome!

  2. They look amazing all clustered together like that! And what eye-candy it is all big at the top as your Header. Great job with the photography. : )

  3. LUUUUUUUUUV! those magnets!!!!
    Says it all.
    Irene x

  4. Absolute eye-candy!!

  5. thanks sue....if i can EVER find more of those big glass marble thingies, i will make more
    they look so cute on your blog!!!! i had fun making them and i saved a couple for my fridge too!
    good luck with your next sale. hope the magnets are a hit.
    gotta go take my steroids so i can get the kiddos up and ready for school. (somebody is going to think i really do take steroids. does coffee count?). you are so funny.
    take care lady and enjoy!!!

  6. Love your stuff.I want to live in your craft cottage.Positive change hmm io think mine is to start accepting that i am who i am and who i am is not a bad person.Its very releasing and i have a long way to go.


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