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Quick-fix makeover....

I am not as lucky as some.

I dream of having a full-sized laundry again one day.What with washing and ironing spilling out into the bathroom, lets just say, I dread it when a guest wishes to use it, Im always apologising for the mess!
The whole room is in desparate need of a redo, since the leaky shower a few months ago, we realised the whole floor will need to be replace eventually, otherwise we may find ourselves through the floor of the shower! We had a temporary fix so that wont happen, for now.
I have lived with this cupboard in this state for 10 years , I know , it just wasnt at the top of my list...

In between preparing for my sale, (which by the way, was wonderful, I just love having them) I found these canvas baskets, and knew they had to go in the cupboard, after I turfed everything out!!
I found vacuum bags, can you still buy vacuums that need those? I certainly havent needed them for years!
I found ugly carseat covers from an old car I had years ago...why I kept them I dont know!
Along with loads of toxic cleaners, most of it I could throw away.
I remembered I had a small collection of specials I once displayed, which I thankfully found.
So long story short;
I replaced the doors with these curtains.

I painted the cupboard, filled the baskets, just waiting to be  labelled and trimmed to suit(next post)!

One of the quilt hangers I found last week got a coat of paint, and now holds a few of my specials!

I bought this antique Iron box, mmm, must be over 10 years ago, and it got lost in these cupboards, it now sits on the dryer.

A new ironing board cover coming soon, it will complete the look, for now.

Well it certainly isnt perfect, but it will get us through until we can redo the whole room. I hope to pull out the tub, put shelving in, and a benchtop.
At least it is more pleasing to the eye, and detracts from the oozing piles of laundry!


  1. I am a firm believer that if you are married long enough & live in one place long enough you discover that certain area that you just don't know what to do with or it gets completely over looked!! I have one of these too..... It is the extra little room off my bedroom. It has become a "dumping ground" for my craft bins. Hey, I tell myself that at least the craft supplies are in bins!! LOL!!
    Palm Sunday Blessings!

  2. Yep! Much better and so much more character to it. Well done you :)
    Irene x
    Happy Easter to you all too, may little Mr Rabbit deposit lots of choc! XX

  3. Bravo! Bravo! Your laundry room looks fantastic. I thought it WAS a redo. You must feel so good about what you accomplished.


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