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Confession # 245: Ok, I'm plastered!

This post makes me laugh, a nervous, worried on....

A dear friend of mine gave me a stack of plaster cornices and decorative pieces she had stored under her house. I love them, and was so excited to start some new projects!
That was over six weeks ago, they have sat on the back seat of my car, basically I didnt have a spare , safe space to put them!
Then one day, I was doing some computer work, and I caught a glimpse  on tv, of a guest Oprah had on, Peter Walsh. I have watched him before, and am amazed how he can transform people and their homes!
For those who dont know who he is, Peter is an Australian living in the US, his profession being a declutterer! You can read more about him *HERE*.
One of the questions he asked was,' Do you store 'stuff' in your car?'

Suffice to say, the plaster is out of the car, and on my beloved verandah!

Ive always have 'something' in my car, tables, chairs, cupboards, JUNK!
My son is on his Learners, and he has adjusted to rattles and clunking when turning corners and going over potholes!
I wouldnt call it storing...
Maybe laziness, or just the fact I have absolutely nowhere to put them!
Anyway, after hearing Peter's words amplified in my head for a few days, I immediately bought his new dvd,'It's all too much'.I'll be watching it today, when I can work up the courage!

I put together a slideshow for my March sale, if interested, check it out *HERE*.

Sue came up the mountains for a short stay, and didnt disappoint with her choice of flowers! It was nice to catch up and spend quality time together!

Well my Easter is a quiet one this family are all going away!
Easter Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of a very traumatic event which changed our lives. Whilst time heals, and we adapted to a new lifestyle, I cant help but reflect, emotions and memories are flooding in.
'They' say experiences like these make us stronger and better people, so true.

I wish you all a Happy Easter, wherever you are, eat lots of chocolate, and enjoy family time!


  1. You sound like me hauling around projects in my car! I have so many darn good ideas just I run short on time!! Thanks for stopping by to visit! Hugs, Janna

  2. Love the title of your post!! You've got some beautiful plaster pieces there. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I saw that Oprah episode too - and now my car has nothing in it!!!!

  3. Hi there! How are you. I love that you are "saving" yesteryear! I am such a sucker but am totally crap at finishing projects...I read that you were a visual merchansider originally! SNAP! I was trained at David Jones in the 80's went thru the major shops, freelanced and then became a social worker.
    Love your stuff! And thanks for joining my blog xxxx

  4. Amazing the things we have clunking around in the car. Peters book looks interesting.
    Love the laundry makeover too.

  5. hmmm I think I am going to need to get a copy of that DVD sue Lol!

  6. I never thought about storing stuff in my car - great idea! I love all that plaster; so much potential!

  7. Oh, my! I do exactly the same thing! For exactly the same reasons! LOL I won't comment on this Peter guy. And I'll ignore the fact that you bought the CD. :-)

  8. OMG maybe i need that dvd
    and them plaster bits are a real treasure
    Happy Easter sue

  9. in 5 years sue, it will be ALL about getting stuff into our lives again!!! it's a trend to declutter....i'm convinced!! once we all declutter, we will be so bored having actual time to enjoy each other and not have anything pretty to eat off of, a gorgeous table to eat from, pretty flatware and cups, bowls, great pans, pictures on the wall to talk about, pretty collections with stories and lovely projects to inspire each other. hahahaha. i love this post.
    i too have stuff in my car, but i do clean it out cuz of the kiddos....but it wasn't always like that..
    i love those plaster pieces. very, very, very cool and worth staying in the car a spell!!!!! happy decluttering to you....good luck.
    take care


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