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Seasonal wishes!

I had a visit from my wonderful friend Sue, and she arrived with these beautiful flowers, and a hug! So of cause, I provided the tea!

We are seeing her again Easter Sunday with our families, hopefully she wont make us wear those silly bunny masks again!

Although the days are still quite warm here, the afternoons are starting to show signs of Autumn.The leaves are starting to drop, the fresh air moves in about 4.30, and the days are starting to shorten. Daylight saving is nearing the end. I know there are mixed thoughts when it comes to Daylight Saving, but I just love it, and will be sad for it to end. Im up early, and come in later, whether Im hosing the garden (with water from my tanks), or painting out on the verandah, it just feels like you live more! So Im cooking on the barby as often as possible, before it gets too cool, and dark.

Today I decided to make these cute flowers for Easter, and hand out to my neices and nephews, if they last till Sunday!!! So easy and quick to make. I soaked some skewers in green food colouring, bought a couple of hawaiin lays, (you could also use cupcake papers) and a bag of eggs, and set to work. All under $10! Try it, kids will love them!


I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and safe holiday weekend. I hope there are lots of easter egg hunts, and lots of chocolate, and lots of family getogethers!!


  1. Love the Easter flowers. Clever you.

  2. The flowers are cute, cute!

    I prefer daylight savings time, too. I like lots of sunshine. I only want it to be dark when I sleep. Used to get depressed during winter, but the computer seemes to have cured that.

  3. HA HA HA bunny masks!! so wheres the piccies???? were they pink???LOL.

    love those flowers, they are so awesome!


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