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From Vintage Street...{part 1}

All loaded up!!
Well this is what it would look like if it was my car....

(image from the web)

Actually, I didnt buy much at all, but it was a great day out, despite the rain and fog!
I love this time of the year here on the mountains.
Katoomba was my place of research today,
starting with Vintage Street, well that's what
they call  it!!
There were tourists everywhere, school holidays , rain...what was I thinking?
Thats ok, I was a tourist for the day, so I looked at everything through their eyes, and learned from some of the best!

Here on the Blue Mountains, it is an attraction for many, and why not?
It is beautiful ,spectacular, and a place never to be seen elsewhere...

Though unfortunately, shop owners prices accomodate international visitors. Us locals rarely shop here!
The top three visiting countries who love to come are India, China, and Canada, and they bring lots of dosh!!

I venture up there about every six months, and although it only takes about half an hour to drive, people and their environment are quite different than the lower mountains.Some are alternative in fashion, lifestyle and quisine. They are not far enough from the city to be classed as country folk, but their attitude is more of an acceptance of individuality.
They also know their antiques, and there is plenty, but heavily priced. Retro is very popular at the moment.

For me, it is just a wonderful way to see what is out there, and what people are prepared to pay...
That being said, Junkstudio doesnt compare with any of the shops I walked into, and I came home with a realistic and comforting approach to my business.

"Junkstudio is all about budget awareness, and for the creative inclined."

I think thats enough eye candy for one post, check in tomorrow, and I'll show you the rest.
Also, I stopped in at Wentworth Falls Lakes, and visited the natives!


  1. Wow - I'm definately going to have to plan a trip to lovely Mountains (its on my list but after reading your post I might have to bump it up to the TOP of the list!) Thanks for the tour

  2. That was plenty of eye candy--I want to dive into the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. wow what a fab day out. Its interesting isnt it to see what they are charging at stores. I see a lot of items I sell/have sold on ebay for twice or three times the price I got, however I'm not sure they are actually able to sell them at the prices they ask. I still would love to have my own shop though, one day!

  4. Those pictures make me so envious. I want to go there!

  5. isn't it comforting to know that you have something special and unique going on in your studio! good for you. glad you had some shopping research time. the new blog header photo at top. how creative!!
    take care

  6. Great photos. What a shame about the prices though.
    Yuck - holiday time and tourists, hate it. I know we need tourists but gee I hate it when they are every where and even have the cheek to park in my favourite home town spots!! Think those tourists must come from your area to my beautiful Mornington Peninsula as we seem to have those nationalities too! LOL

  7. WOW...Lotsa' goodies!!

  8. Looks like a fund day!
    Maybe someday we can go flea market shopping together!

    Jill xoo


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