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To Junk Street...part 2

So where was I????
Oh yes, from Vintage street I walked along Junk street,( yeh I made that one up), it is the main street.
 It takes you all the way to the 'Three Sisters'! For those of you who have no idea what Im talking about, the Three Sisters, are big, no, huge rocks! Google them, you'll be surprised!

First up,  lunch! Look at the time!

Mr Pickwicks is a great Antique shop, huge, and holds lots of books and memorabilia. Upstairs there is lots of retro clothing and the like.

I skipped those for this shop....Macarthur Arcade.
Two floors filled with antiques and old wares, downstairs being the more affordable.

I wanted this so much, but at $280.00, it was just a dream!

I left there feeling visually and mentally exhausted, it was time to head home.

On the way, I stopped in at the lakes, Wentworth Falls.There are always geese and ducks roaming around ,waiting for tourists and locals to leave the food remnants around!

Within minutes of arriving, the clouds came rolling in, the fog settled, and the rain fell, but the ducks were in their element!

Even in this weather, the trees looked gorgeous, changing...

Phew!!! And thats all folks!


  1. So glad you took the time to take us on the trip!!
    I always love the bargain basement items....Ya' can always find something!! Nice settee......

  2. Wow - I love the honey 'keg' too! Love your autumn pictures. Thanks again for the tour!

  3. Wonderful to share all this with you. Its a beautiful area alright! We are the poor sister here in the Dandenongs. Sassafras is about as close as you get to all of that. Some quirky spots but not as big. Thank you for the eye candy especially the honey tin!! Wow!!
    Irene x

  4. Loved going on the trip with you! I know what you mean about being visually exhausted after going to lots of antique shops. Sometimes you just cant "see" anymore.


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