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In the life of a model, in a class of his own!

 I interrupted Toby's busy schedule and invaded his space while playing with my camera.

He's used to it now, but gets sick of being in the limelight at times.
His talent outshines the best of them in the modelling world, though I dont tell him...I want his feet firmly on the ground...

I was sitting at least 15 metres from him, and zoomed right in. takes a steady hand to focus on those droopy eyes...

He started to play for the camera.

"How's this side?"

 "What about now?"

"Im tired, just need to close my eyes."

"Are you still looking at me?"

Look at those freckly lips!
He knows he's gorgeous,my little shadow.

**Just turned '7'. His toys are always close by, the hamburger being the latest addition to his collection, yes, he has a collection too!


  1. I love Toby! He's so gorgeous.

  2. he is a darling dog. what a sweetie and a junker too? that is the ultimate best friend!!
    can't wait to go to your last post and look at your shed!!

  3. What a Sweetheart!. I Love big dogs!!

  4. Godmorning, Sweden here....

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  5. so sweet, glad to see he has his own collection. Our sweet little dog is 11 years old now and really slowing down. Wish they didnt get old :0(

  6. I love your Toby - we're on the look for a dog to adopt right now - now I know I NEED him/her soooon.



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