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The girl's Junk shed!

If only I had cleaned this out a few years ago!

Yes, Im ashamed...

Instead of reorganising, it was easier to build another one!

Yes, Im ashamed...

But it ended up much like the first one!

Ive been on a mission with this 'Autumn cleaning', and am amazed what some good music and fresh cool weather can do to nudge me on, and Peter Walsh has had something to do with it.

All I could think of during this cleanup, is I dont know any women with their own shed,(exception of handy blog buddies) with their own tools, paint, timber, and all the nuts and bolts, nails and screws that go with them.

So to mark it my own and keep the boys out, rather than a scull and cross bone, I thought Id add this little number, what do you think?

 Hubby and son have their own shed, but sometimes they pinch things out of mine! For my son, the up and coming professional carpenter, (in three and a half years),Im giving him my router and sander, and shares in the circular saw. I dont use these tools much, and I know he will.
So why do I need two sheds now, you might well ask...
Ive managed to fit all of my tools, hardware, paints and bits and pieces into this one, and in the other cupboard,I hope to fit all our outdoor things like cushions umbrellas, sail, pool toys etc, but somehow, I dont think that is going to happen, I still have more junk to fit somewhere!
Leave me with it for a few days, and I'll see what I can come up with, but know this, I am building a very ,very, large pile of rubbish to take to the tip!
(be strong, be very strong)

Next...(drum roll please)....The Verandah...I hope!

Yes, Im ashamed...

Once upon a time, a couple of years ago,xmas 2007, I did clean it up to this point...


  1. DH & I share the workshop as he works on my "stuff" as well as I!!
    Love yours.....

  2. OMG, I think your shed takes the cake! It looks like it would be fun to visit your house and sift through all your stuff. I bet there are lots of treasures!

  3. Holy crap! You have some stuff there lovely lady! Oh how I would love to be sifting through it all. You must have some awesome treasures :)

    Have a great day!


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