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The feeble thimble...

(Image...Graphic Fairy)

Oh yes, this is a collection with purpose!
My first overseas trip was six years ago, travelling to the UK, covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.We stopped over in Singapore, and overall, about six weeks away.
I was thinking of a souvenir to bring back, that was small, and easy to travel with.
Since I like to sew, thimbles came to mind!
I filled a whole suitcase with souvenirs, mainly for everyone else, but I managed to find quite a few thimbles for myself. I found the perfect way to display them too, an old printers drawer, before they became popular here, wish I bought more of them at the time!

So then , of course, I needed to fill it, you cant leave a shelf half full...I apologise for the dust, hope you can see the thimbles ok!

Mmm, I thought Id be travelling a bit more than I actually have, so most of these are from friends and family.
Last year, I went to Vietnam, but they didnt have thimbles, so I bought this pair of statues.

I still have a few spare spots left, I hope I can personally fill them with my own travel experiences, but if not, it is nice to know that this is a collection my friends and family have shared with me!
**Ive nearly finished the change table transformation, sharing with you soon!


  1. Although I don't collect thimbles myself I love to look at others. I do have a thimble that was my Grandmothers & I have it in a cage necklace.
    Have a Great Day!!

  2. What a wonderful thing to collect. And displaying in the old printer's drawer was SO inspired. It looks like it was made for exactly that. Just beautiful!!!

  3. hey i hear you on the printers drawers. I sold a few for not much in the early days and now they are much harder to find and expensive! Should have kept one me thinks.

  4. Hi,

    I would like to invite you to visit My Thimble Collection site at and join Thimbles of the World at Greetings from Poland!

  5. UMMM DARE I SAY SUE I USED TO collect thimbles
    and still may have the odd one or two (or three) when i unpack.


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