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So, what day is it??

Well as there was no search party calling my name, Im guessing you havent missed me too much, but I have missed posting,  Ive tried to get a peak into my favourite blogs to help me get through the days....
A new job 'out of the home' has taken its toll on my blogging time,cleaning time, and social time, and so now I think I have finally a routine (of sorts),to fit into my family and junking life.
Junkstudio's projects have been shuffled into early mornings, and late afternoons and my RDO, so they may take a bit longer to finish, bare with me. 
There is an 'upside' to the new job, and that is new junking jaunts to visit! Oh, the money's not too bad either!
So I picked up this gorgeous pine change table the other day, it is in great condition, but since I dont have a baby, and have no intentions of having another at this point in my life, I visualised it to be something entirely different!

Can you guess?
It is nearly finished, will share photos soon!

I have mowed the lawns, hosed the gardens, and washed the laundry, so I finally have the chance to sit with a cuppa, and browse your blogs, Ive missed so much!
But mostly, Im watching the news, as they cover 'Jessica Watson', the 16yr old sailor, sailing into Sydney Harbour, after a fantastic round the world trip!

So amazing and inspiring, and so brave!


  1. hey I've missed you girl, where have you got to? Trying to make a living eh? Stoopid jobs cutting into blogging time ;0) Glad to hear you are still treasure hunting though, once its in your blood you cant stop anyway!
    alicia :0)

  2. Of course we missed you.
    Funny how life gets in thew way of blog time
    Come visit my blog and enter my giveaway
    Take care

  3. are one very busy woman!!!!!!! how do you do it all??? good luck to you on your new prospects.
    so...sailing the harbor. that sailboat sure is cute!!!! maybe she will see NEMO. i'm sorry, but that is all i think about when i think of the harbor. haha.
    good luck to you sue and glad to have you back!!!!
    take care


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