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Out with the old, and in with the new , and Studio spring-cleaning!

Old sale ends, new sale begins....
Come on over and check it out Here!

Speaking of the Studio, I have finally set a date for its doors to open this Spring...

Saturday 30th October.

Realistically, I wasnt ready to open for September. Im still in a bit of a slump, and I dont need the added pressure.
So fingers crossed, I will be ready by then.
So much to do, with just weeks to do it in.
The ideas are flowing, and Im slowly but surely getting my act together!!

So I have set myself a challenge.


 I will share with you, the steps needed to prepare for this Spring sale!
Starting with this mess.....

It has been 3 months since my last sale and winter has played havock with the trees surrounding the studio, it is time to cleanup, and give them a trim .

We have had gale-force winds the past couple of days, everything has been tossed around and the awning has ripped!

Next, new locks on the doors and gate. The winds we have had, have actually broken the locks.
I will be back with an update ,and hopefully a new project to share.

**Listing on ebay tonite**

Catcha soon!!


  1. Lots of work to do but quite satisfying when done! good luck with the sale, its always great to clear stuff out. Trouble is we keep replacing it lol!

  2. Now the storm has hit you have no choice but to do some Spring cleaning. Looking forward to seeing the progress - maybe it might inspire me to have a spring clean :)

  3. Nothing like getting ready for the new Summer Season!!
    Have a Wonderful Sunday!

  4. it must be something in the air ...

    wind is high here, too

    the cleaning de-clutter bug has bitten me!

    love the lawn furniture!


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