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A purchase that just doesnt stop!!!

With the lack of junking enthusiasm I have had the past few months, it has been hard to create and be inspired by much....that is until last week!
I finished work early, so decided to call into my irish friend's junkshop, for a chat and a look. He wasnt in, but his old time friend, a real character, was happy to fill me in on the happenings of late!
 When I walked in the door, with my trained eyes,lol, I did a quick scan of my surroundings, and spotted alot, no , a truckload of sewing machines, overlockers, signs, tables, etc. Being the big collector of all sewing paraphernalia, my heart started palpitating!!! The story goes like this...
This old man had been collecting for over 60 years, started with the old Antique Singer in the table with the iron legs. As the years followed, he found more and more, and before long he was renting a shed to store them.Some were brand new, timber lids, tables, all new! It became an obsession! Now in his late eighties, he cant afford the rent, so he asked my friend to come and take them away.None were on display, he hadnt looked at them for sad. 
So it is up to hoarders people like me to help him out, see, Im just trying to help!

it is a gorgeous aqua colour

I picked out a cute retro looking machine, so cute, then went down to the back (junky area), and found all of these!There are enough pieces to make three or four tables!

From my last visit, I remembered he had this collection of old jug kettles, and I had decided then, that I didnt need another collection, they would stay....but this time, they were 50% off, so I grabbed a couple or four! I love them for vases and holders of cutlery.

I also found these great timber singer machine covers, though Im not sure what I'll do with them yet, any ideas?

Of course going there that day was unplanned, and I had absolutely no cash, they dont accept cards, so he was happy to hold them for me till payday!

Yesterday was payday, and lucky for me, I grabbed extra cash, just in case. My Irish friend was there, and he found me some more treasures, and at next to nothing prices.
Will share the best find next post, well next payday, when I go back to  pickup and pay!
Mmmm, should I buy more, do I need more?
OMG, now I need to work more, but I feel so much brighter!

Isnt it amazing what a good junkstop will do for the soul? 


  1. good for you sue. i wish i could get motivated these days....send some of that junk karma my way please!! hope you are enjoying your warm weather. can't wait to see what you come up with next.
    take it easy....glad you have your junkin mojo back!!

  2. AAhh, so happy for you; feels good to get inspired again, doesn't it? Your brain should be nice and rested from your haitus and ready for all the crafting and creating! Have Fun!


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