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Mish-mash and giveaway reminder!

We just lost a dear friend....This huge gumtree across the lane had to go!

If you remember a while ago it snapped in two, missing me by an inch , and for many months it has been shedding branches on our cars, our roof, and soon to be us!

So what looked like this...

Is now this....

Shame, we have so many large trees around us, we love them, but it was sick.
The home on this property will soon be demolished too, as it is old and ready for a redo!

Lots of noise to look forward to in the coming months!

**Just a quick reminder of my giveaway, ending the end of the month!
So become a follower, and leave a message to enter and you could possibly win this gorgeous book!

I have no redos (or updates on my bedroom) to show you yet, but here's a new addition to my ebay shop!

Sorry,I cant post, but if you really love them, come for a drive to the mountains, or Im happy for you to arrange a courier!
Catcha soon!!


  1. Oh it's always sad to see a tree cut down; but it was a hazard. My Mum recently spent $5k removing a tree she'd planted 25 yrs ago for the same reason. Maybe you can photograph the updates of your place next door! :)

  2. Shame about the tree but at least it won't fall down on you now
    Love those tables


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