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What makes me smile today...

We have had so much rain the past few months, it is nice to know we are no longer in drought...
And now with the warmer weather, my garden is thriving, including the weeds!!

Taken early this morning...
The Jacaranda trees are in flower, they even make the lawn look pretty!

I didnt realize how dry the ground had become until I looked in an old folder of photos...what a difference!

Before...April '10

I still have alot of work to do to finish this garden, but a great 'before and after' so far!
What makes you smile today?

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  1. Wow - what a contrast in those photos! It's a good reminder that grass will return with rain no matter how dry and brown it looks. Unfortunately weeds too!! I've a big problem with them! Loving the Jacarandas - they make me smile too!

  2. It is so lovely to see everything getting green again. Your before and after shots really do show just how dry everything was! The only downside to so much rain is that the weeds grow even quicker! xx

  3. Is it spring? Good to see a happy yard....we had snow this morning.. but it didn't "stick"


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