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a collection that doesnt seem to stop!

If you have followed me from the beginning of my blog, you would know that I have many collections, and some I dont tell anyone about...but I have stopped buying,(I think), my home is full!

Well there is one that seems to grow, and that is my hat collection...

They are just scattered around my office/craft room carelessly, with no purpose.

I love them, the flowers and colours are devine. They would look better in my bedroom, as they seem to be all blues and creams...
I have at least nine now with the two latest additions here.

Any ideas on how I can display them, so I feel I deserve to have them?


  1. You need lots of lovely mannequin heads or maybe a lovley wall hanger for them I used to have a few but not as many now and not as lovely as yours

  2. Hi, I love your hats! How about one of those old mesh bed bases stood up on end or fixed to the wall with them all pegged on or some lattice.I'm sure you'll think of something. Love lots of your ideas and have just become a follower.Chris

  3. Heya Sue....!!

    I'm a SUCKER for vintage hats too....I think a hat/coat rack would be a GREAT place to start....Eg. if you have an unwanted mantle piece hanging about....hahahahaha....TOTALLY possible....I have TWO myself outside leaning against the fence....Anyways....You could cut it down so you're just left with the shelf & backing & add some hooks....!!

    The hats will be better protected from dust due to the overhang of the shelf than if you have them sitting on a flat surface & they'll look GREAT....!!!!!

    Look forward to hearing what you do....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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