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In my element!

Just got home from a big day out in the city, first stop Glebe...
 I had the map and the addresses, but the sales were few and far between. Parking was a problem, and we walked and walked and walked! We only went to a few, and mostly clothes were selling, which my junking partner Jen was happy about!
Im not sure what I was searching for, I was hoping it would jump out at me!

The weather was perfect for the most part of the day, so we jumped back into the car for Surrey Hills. Many more visible sales within walking distance, it was great!
I bought a few things, clothes and a couple of bags, nothing outstanding. I did have a great day with a great friend on a warm Autumn day, so overall it was fun, and I hope to do it again next time this event comes around, I think in August.
It was a wonderful distraction from my 'real' life at the moment, just what I needed.

Do you ever go out junking and come home feeling like you didnt quite get your junkfix?
 I didnt even take photos as there wasnt really anything to brag about!! 
But if you feel the need to see pics, head on over to the website as they are uploading them all day.
I will be back soon, having a little break to catch up with life here, and prepare for my next sale on the 30th April...

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  1. Yes had that feeling yesterday (see my post) we kept trailing the next sale just in case we hit THE ONE didnt happen so we decided to quit lol


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